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LimitState specializes in the development of powerful yet easy-to-use software applications which use unique technology to rapidly identify critical collapse mechanisms and associated margins of safety.

LimitState develops software products and supplies training courses, seminars and related consultancy services for structural and geotechnical engineers. Our innovative software products use novel computational limit analysis techniques to rapidly and robustly analyse the ultimate (collapse) limit state.
Our training courses and seminars are designed to cover the fundamental principles which underpin various key structural and geotechnical applications, with the highly visual output from LimitState software being used to reinforce these principles in an extremely effective manner.
Since being spun out from the University of Sheffield in 2006 (by academic co-founders Matthew Gilbert, Colin Smith, Wael Darwich and Andy Tyas), the company has maintained close links with academia, and the ethos of innovation and the desire to continually push the boundaries is carried throughout the company.

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