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McNeel Asia

McNeel Asia is the Asian regional office for McNeel, a software development company with sales, support, and training.

Robert McNeel & Associates

Founded in 1980, McNeel is a privately-held, employee-owned company with development, sales support, and training offices and affiliates in Seattle, Boston, Miami, Medellin, Barcelona, Rome, Tokyo, Taipei, Seoul, Kuala Lumpur, Shenzhen, Shanghai and LanZhou. We also have more than 700 dealers, distributors, OEMs, and training centers around the world.

McNeel is most successful to form a partnership with clients to shape emerging technologies into productive and profitable tools.

For the first fifteen years McNeel focused on replacing drafting tables with productive AutoCAD systems. Much of the new software development was focused on using AutoCAD drawings and related data in all business processes, including design, planning, marketing and maintenance.

For more than 10 years the focus has also been on developing, publishing, and supporting specialty software for designers, engineers, and fabricators, and their related support staff

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