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BlueStone 3D Labz Pvt Ltd based in Mumbai, India offers 3D Printing services.

Our 3D Printing services are based on FDM technology. We currently offer output using ABS only. We accept parts up to a size of 1 feet. In case we are unable to process the same, we offer breaking up the part in CAD itself and assembling the same after 3D Printing. We offer output either as a hollow part, partially filled part or a full solid part. Our solid parts are extremely sturdy and can be used as a functional prototype. The hollow part can be used as a pure-play concept model. We accept input file in a clean stl format. In case the stl file is not clean, we offer clean-up service in case you are not able to undertake the same. Our quotes which are extremely cost effective are based purely on the stl file sent – the material consumed along with the time taken. Payment terms are always 100 % advance preferably by NEFT (bank transfer). On confirmation of the quote and the requisite payment, the job is assigned to the printer. After completion the model can be shipped anywhere in India or elsewhere. Usually, the shipping cost is a part of the quote. We ensure complete 100 % confidentiality of the job-work sent.


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