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                  Rhino 3DPRINT  

Rhino3DPRINT is a fully integrated, separately licensed, plug-in from MecSoft Corporation that runs inside the Rhinoceros NURBS modeler. This plug-in offers efficient, easy & automatic tools for preparing 3D data that otherwise cannot be 3D printed.

Features and Functions:

  • Import solids, surfaces, meshes & point clouds to create meshes
  • Create meshes using Rhino’s powerful NURBS and mesh tools
  • Reduce density of large meshes while maintaining data integrity
  • Edit meshes by transforming, splitting and merging geometry
  • Edit local selections on meshes using a graphical manipultor
  • Combine meshes using Boolean Unite, Subtract and Intersect
  • Smooth meshes when data is noisy, such as data from a scanner
  • Refine meshes globally/locally using various criteria for print quality
  • Analyze meshes using reflection lines, curvature & comparison plots
  • Auto/Manual fix meshes to remove gaps, holes & self intersections
  • Find best orientation for printing with minimum overhangs
  • Create straight/tree supports in areas with overhangs
  • Output to STL/AMF/G-Code files or use Windows 3D print driver


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