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We are authorized resellers of a host of software for Gaming, Animation and 3D Modelling.

For Architecture we have parametric designing software such as Grasshopper built in Rhino. Rendering solutions like V-Ray for Rhino along with other Rhino plugins such as VisualARQ and RhinoLands. Club Rhino with Mindesk to experience creation using Virtual Reality to get exact spatial clarity.

For Jewelry we have Rhino, JewelCAD, ZBrush, and Clayoo to create a variety of designs involving diamonds, free-form modeling, organic modeling, temple jewelry and more. Use V-Ray for Rhino or KeyShot along with Bongo for high quality Jewelry animation.

Product Design individuals and companies can use Rhino and KeyShot. Combine Mesh2Surface to manage reverse engineering in optimal time.

CAD Plugin Development

BlueStone offers CAD customization for Rhino CAD software. Rhino is a general purpose CAD software used across multiple verticals such as Architecture, Jewelry, Product Design and Marine Due to its semi-open nature and internal tools such as Grasshopper, Rhino is ideally in a position to be customized. We customize Rhino for a specific domain and application through Grasshopper and C#. Along with design automation, we aim to drastically reduce the design time for Rhino end users. Typical examples of customization would be –
  • Add custom Forms, Toolbars, and Menus
  • Automate Repetitive Design Tasks
  • Add extensive Features
  • Incorporation of Design Rules & Logic
  • Create & Export Excel Data
We currently support Architecture, Jewelry and Product Design domains for this service.
Rhino Customization

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