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Rhino Customization

Rhino Customization

BlueStone offers CAD customization for Rhino CAD software.

Rhino is a general purpose CAD software used across multiple verticals such as Architecture, Jewelry, Product Design and Marine

Due to its semi-open nature and internal tools such as Grasshopper, Rhino is ideally in a position to be customized.

We customize Rhino for a specific domain and application through Grasshopper and C#.
Along with design automation, we aim to drastically reduce the design time for Rhino end users.

Typical examples of customization would be –

  • Add custom Forms, Toolbars, and Menus
  • Automate Repetitive Design Tasks
  • Add extensive Features
  • Incorporation of Design Rules & Logic
  • Create & Export Excel Data

We currently support Architecture, Jewelry and Product Design domains for this service.