JewelCAD Pro 2.2 Commercial

JewelCAD Pro provides powerful and extreme efficient free-form modeling tools that allow freedom in creating artistic and stylish designs. These tools are flexible and intuitive and they can be easily learned and used. JewelCAD is now widely used by the jewelry manufacturers in regions of Asia.

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JewelCAD Pro is the new generation of jewelry designing and modeling software that is more powerful and efficient than its predecessor, JewelCAD. JewelCAD Pro still maintains the simple user interface and similar way of working in JewelCAD so that current users can operate it without much difficulty.
JewelCAD Pro has a brilliant and unique way to handle Boolean operation and this provides outstanding speed and flexibility of design modification. A number of industry customized automation functions allow fast and easy setting of different patterns of prongs and stones on curved surface. Fine adjustment can also be done manually based on the auto setting to produce a more sophisticated design.

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System Requirements

  • Pentium, or higher processors.
  • Windows 98/NT/ME/2000/XP/VISTA/7.
  • The minimum requirement is Pentium 4 CPU, 512MB RAM, 24 bit color with 1024×768 resolution supporting OpenGL.
  • The suggested configuration is Intel Core 2 Duo or above, 2GB RAM or above, 24-bit or 32 bit color display card with 1280x.1024 resolution (or higher), 256MB RAM (or above), supporting OpenGL.