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Unreal Engine for Unity Developers



15 hours



Online Instructor-led / Instructor-led Classroom
Training Modes


Utilize your Unity experience and skills and upscale your knowledge in Unreal Engine.
  • Compare and contrast Unreal Engine and Unity project set up, file structures, elements and processes used, and workflows.
  • Navigate the Unreal Engine user interface.
  • Navigate, create, and modify Blueprints with Unreal Engine Blueprint Editor.
  • Package projects with Unreal Engine to be shared and launched on multiple platforms.


  • Creating and saving a new Project with Templates and settings
  • Understand the Level Editor interface 
  • Navigate a Level in the Viewport– Scene – – Level
  • Playtest a Level
  • Available Resources – Asset Store – – Marketplace
  • Project Folders – Assets – – Content folder
  • Gameplay Framework
  • Importing assets
  • Assets created in Unreal Engine
  • Migrating Assets
  • Understanding Cartesian Coordinates and Pivot points
  • Manual & Interactive Move, Scale, Rotate for World and Local system
  • Grid units and snapping
  • World Outliner / Layers
  • Importing, assigning material, checking it UV orientation & Collisions
  • Creating Materials
  • Material Editor Interface
  • Texture Editor
  • Using PBR Materials using Quixel Megascans
  • Terminologies
  • Types of Light
  • Light Properties
  • Mobility settings
  • Building Light
  • HDRI Backdrop
  • Default and new levels
  • Exponential Height Fog Actor, Post Process Volume, Sun Sky Settings, Environment Light Mixer
  • Reflection Capture Actors
  • Lightmass Importance Volume, Volumetric Lightmaps
  • Project Settings (Maps & Modes)

Section 1 – Landscape Tools

Section 2 – Landscape Materials

Section 3 – Painting Foliage

  • Niagara Editor Interface
  • Import Sound files
  • Sound Actor
  • Sequencer Editor Interface
  • Animating Camera

Section 1 – Concept of Blueprint visual scripting system in Unreal Engine

Section 2 – Types of Blueprints

Section 3 – Blueprint Editor Interface

Section 4 – Graph Editor

Section 5 – Visual Scripting

  • Editor Utility Widget
  • Designer palette
  • Related Event Graph
  • Configure Output for Android, Windows and VR

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Animation, Architecture, Manufacturing


Fundamentals of Unreal Engine

Training Mode

Instructor-Led Classroom, Online Instructor-Led