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V-Ray for Rhino – Product Design




20 hours





This is a comprehensive course of Rhino for Product Design and includes 12 projects which will give you a hands-on hold over the software.  It is available in English and Hindi. Create, Edit, Analyze, Document, Render and Animate NURBS curves, surfaces, and solids We have created a comprehensive course with projects for you to learn Rhino for Product Design. Rhino is strong in surfaces. We will initially cover the Interface, Navigation and Display to have a base understanding of the software. The next step is where you will be introduced to Modelling Aids and the understanding between lines, curves, surfaces and solids. Having understood the basics, we will then learn all about curves, surfaces and solids. We will finally learn all about giving dimensions and creating layouts for presentations. This will be followed by understanding of meshes, tools, rendering and animation. To complete your understanding we will then undertake 12 projects together.


Section – V-Ray Interface

Section 1 – V-Ray Material Preset Libraries

Section 2 – Creation of Basic Materials

Section 1 – Diffuse

Section 2 – Reflective

Section 3 – Refractive

Section 4 – Translucent

Section 5 -Stochastic flakes

Section 6 – Environmental Override

Section 7 – Textures

Section 1 – Emissive

Section 2 – Blend

Section 3 -Bump

Section 4 – Two-sided

Section 5 – Toon

Section 6 – Flakes

Section 7 – Wrapper

Section 8 – Material Override

Section 1 – Rectangular Light

Section 2 – Various Lights

Section 3 – IES Lights

Section 1 – Render

Section 2 – Environment

Section 3 – Swarm

Section 4 – Advanced Render Details

Section 1 – Clipper Plane

Section 2 – VRay Proxy with introduction to Grasshopper

Section 3 – Grass

Section – Animation

1 – Use of Caustics

2 – Use of Wrapper material in a Ring

3 – Use of Volumetric Fog in Environment

4 – Create turntable animation of a Solitaire Ring

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Approx. 20 hours




3 months