ZBrush To KeyShot Bridge

KeyShot is well known for combining fast speed with high render quality. Whether updating the point of view, changing the lights, swapping backgrounds or modifying the real-world-based materials.

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you can see the results with a speed that approaches real-time. The KeyShot workflow is also designed for ease of use, mainly based on a drag-and-drop system that bypasses the need for elaborate shader trees.
KeyShot is not a replacement for BPR but rather a supplement to it. If you don’t have KeyShot you will still have the full power of ZBrush’s native renderer. If you do have KeyShot, you can switch between it and BPR at any time, depending upon your needs.
As with ZBrush, KeyShot relies on your system’s CPU and RAM so that there is no need to invest in a high end video card to get quality renders. If ZBrush can display your model, KeyShot can render it!

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