VR for Industrial Simulation

We have developed a dedicated VR based simulation offering across the industrial domain. Our combination of hardware (VR headsets, Simulator Pods and Motion Simulators) with tailor made software addresses the need for simulation across various domains in engineering.

The main characteristics of the offering are –

  • Simulators offered for Cars, Industrial Vehicles such as Forklifts, Earth Moving equipment, Cranes, Aeroplanes, Helicopters, Ships, Submarines, Defence Equipment and Weapons, Tanks, Industrial equipment and so on.
  • Desktop based Simulators
  • Desktop based Simulators with VR
  • Motion Control based Simulators – 6DOF and 3 DOF
  • Motion Control based Simulators with VR
  • Software based approach where the same hardware can used as a simulator for multiple applications
  • Expensive systems offered at an extremely cost effective pricing