3D Mouse

3D SpaceMouse

Better Ergonomics and Efficiency at Your CAD Workplace
A ‘normal’ computer mouse is an important part of any CAD workstation. It is light, compact and easy to operate. However, it poses one major disadvantage from an ergonomic point of view, in that you always have to operate it using the same hand. When a mouse is used intensively with repetitive patterns of movement, this can result in pain and functional impairments, also known as RSI syndrome or ‘mouse arm’.


28.6% fewer finger movements per hour

Without 3D Mouse
Hazardous Clicks
With 3D Mouse
Hazardous Clicks 66.8%
You always use the same finger to click or operate the mouse wheel when using a conventional mouse. A 3D mouse takes on the tasks that you previously carried out with your dominant hand. The strain is spread across both hands, rather than just being focussed on one. This reduces finger movements by 28.6%.